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Following a change in the law in 2004, members of the general public and businesses seeking legal advice or representation of any kind can approach a Barrister directly, without the need to first engage the services of a solicitor. Not all barristers are the same. Direct Access Barristers must be specially trained and qualified in accordance with their rules of professional governance. 

Parklane Plowden Chambers are delighted to offer our services, in appropriate cases, directly to the public and businesses. All of our barristers are properly qualified, giving you peace of mind and confidence in the abilities of your PLPDirect barrister.

The advantages of instructing a barrister directly 

There are a number of advantages to instructing a barrister directly:

Barristers and Solicitors working together

Barristers and solicitors have worked happily together supporting clients for hundreds of years -this hasn’t changed. Offering a Direct Access solution to clients is the judiciary’s way of widening the options available to those seeking legal advice.
In some instances it may be that your case is not suitable for the direct instruction of a barrister, or that it becomes necessary to instruct a solicitor at a particular point. Should the instruction of a solicitor become necessary then we will advise you and together with our clerks you can identify and instruct an appropriately expert firm. We have forged strong links with some incredible solicitors throughout the UK over the years. With our experience and expertise we will point you in the right direction should your case not be suitable for Direct Access and you need the services of a solicitor.




Barrister For Me

Example #1 Problem: Client Needs Divorce, 1 Day Court Hearing

Traditional Method

£1,000 Solicitor's Fee £400 Barrister Preparation £1,000 Barrister at Court (1 day) £480 VAT
£2,880 Guide Fee

PLP Direct

Barrister Preparation £400 Barrister at Court (1 day) £1,000 VAT £280
Guide Fee £1,680

Saving you £1,200 or 42%

Barrister For My Business

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All Public Access Barristers offered through this portal are registered and regulated by the Bar Standards Board of England & Wales. All Barristers are also authorised and trained to deal direct with the public.