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Privacy policy

Privacy Statement

Parklane Plowden Direct Privacy Notice


Personal Data that we collect

We may collect personal data about clients and other individuals engaged in a case, including other lawyers, witnesses, experts etc. This data can include name, email address, and other contact details including telephone numbers and addresses. As part of a case other information may be provided including sensitive personal data, images, and video.
Information is usually provided to us by our instructing party, but may be obtained in other ways including online search, email, telephone, by completing an online form on our website, signing up to an event we are holding, and in person.
We also process personal data for marketing purposes. This may include name, email addresses, other contact details and preferences about contact. We occasionally obtain personal information from third parties – when client organisations provide contacts details ahead of events or seminars.
We collect cookies from our website but these are used purely for analytics about the way our site is used and we do not have access to any information which identifies individuals.
We collect personal data for the operation of Chambers – including information about staff, suppliers, clients and contractors.


How we use personal data

Most personal data is used as required for a case in which a member of Chambers is instructed.
We process personal data in order to provide information about appropriate seminars and events for existing and prospective clients.
We process personal data for the administration of Chambers including staff administration, dealing with suppliers and clients and other administrative tasks.


Sharing personal data

Individual members of Chambers are Data Controllers in their own right. They have a contractual arrangement with Plowden Facilities Ltd to act as their Data Processor and so there is a sharing arrangement between members and Chambers.
Plowden Facilities Limited is also a Data Controller and has contractual arrangements with a number of Data Processors, who in turn may have sub-processors.
We will share personal information if required to do by an appropriate body, regulation or legislation.
We will occasionally share the name of attendees with a third party who is hosting a Parklane Plowden Chambers event or is jointly hosting an event. No other personal information other than the name of the attendees will be shared.


Security, Control and Access

As recommended by the Bar Council, our representative body, Chambers does not have a Data Protection Officer (DPO). The Officer Manager, Rachael Duck, has overall responsibility for data protection and security. She can be contacted by email at by telephone on 0113 228 5000 or by post at Parklane Plowden Chambers 19 Westgate, Leeds.
We store most of our data electronically in a high-security private Cloud, operated and located in the UK. Access to the data is protected by role-based security privileges and all logins have two factor authentication.
We have further information barriers available in cases of conflict or where members of Chambers appear on more than one side of a case.
All marketing emails give the recipient the opportunity to unsubscribe or to amend contact preferences. You can also unsubscribe by contacting the marketing team at by telephone on 0113 228 5000 or by post at 19 Westgate, Leeds, LS1 2RD.



Most case data is retained for a period designed to cover regulatory, legislative or insurance thresholds – and in recognition that Parklane Plowden Chambers is a small organisation with limited resources. The default retention period for personal data associated with a case is 10 years following the end of the case or the period required by the appropriate jurisdiction if longer.
Information used for marketing purposes not associated with a case will be refreshed every three years and retained for a period of five years following the last contact.
Information about staff, suppliers, contacts and contractors have different retention periods which have been notified to the appropriate parties, but the default retention period is five years after the last contact.



Our policies with regard to Data Protection, Data Breaches, Privacy & Retention are reviewed every three years by the service board of Plowden Facilities.